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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

LEGO® Shell 40191: F12 Berlinetta!

11.04.2015 – The F12berlinetta or simply the F12 is a luxury supercar manufactured by Italian car maker Ferrari. Its one of the cars included in the promotional partnership between LEGO® and Ferrari that was available only when you fuel up at any Shell station.

Shell had a special promotion for the second time in bringing the exclusive only Ferrari related building toy produced by LEGO® in 2014. The F12berlinetta is included as one of the four cars that were sold. Its name somewhat shares with the 2012 Shell promotional car the Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta!

Though the names seemed connected the F12berlinetta is a different kind of supercar for the modern times. The classic car that shares the name was produced by LEGO® in 2012 along with four other cars and a racing pit crew.

This F12berlinetta stands out as the current car for Ferrari that was included in the 2o14 promotion with Shell. It’s the only road car carrying the iconic Ferrari red color, while the 250 GTO is colored blue. The other is another racing machine, the Ferrari 512 S that’s not a road car like the F138 Formula One racer.

Ferrari F12

The F12berlinetta is a very stylish supercar and LEGO® has definitely made it into a building toy still carrying the sexy image of a Ferrari. It is a front mid-engine, rear wheel-drive grand tourer that Ferrari produced. It first debuted at the 2012 Geneva Motor show replacing the 599 series grand tourers.

It has won awards like the international Engine of the Year Awards 2013 in the Best Performance category and Best Engine above 4.0 litres. The F12berlinetta was named "The Supercar of the Year 2012" by car magazine Top Gear.

In 2014 it was awarded the XXIII Premio Compasso d'oro ADI. Accepting the award was Ferrari’s Senior Vice President of Design, Flavio Manzoni.

Built with Excellence

Just like its actual car the LEGO® version of the F12berlinetta is as impressive in appearance and like the other Shell promotional sets it has a pullback gimmick. The car can go like the real thing and it rolls in the smooth surface.

Though its not minifigure scale the F12berlinetta is impressive in appearance. Putting it together still requires application of the sticker decals. The details are exquisite and the curves as a building toy are most interesting to have it.

No details on how many pieces of elements are made out of the F12berlinetta, but you’ll be quite interesting when its put together like the rest of the Shell promotional sets released in 2014.

Its All-Red Supercar

The set contains entirely red parts and having an interesting rim design. Just like the other Shell promotion sets it contains the chassis that house the pullback engine. Once you’ve put it together the car would be entirely a plain red generic automobile.

The sticker decals make the car have its identity stand out and that’s what makes this car a special one to have mostly who are Ferrari aficionados.

Overall build takes you less than thirty minutes to put together the F12berlinetta, and once you have it will take you minutes to appreciate the design translated in LEGO® form that’s hard to ignore.

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