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Sunday, November 22, 2015

LEGO® Creator 31009: Small Cottage!

11.22.2015 – LEGO® Creator continue to bring more impressive sets either a structure, vehicle or a creature they are colourful and a sight to be impressed.

This Small Cottage (31009) was released in 2013 which is quite simple, but has an impressive detail that has a lot of colors and an interesting minifigure with lots of accessories.

Usually a Small Cottage is a place where you spend time in a limited space. It’s a small dwelling typically in a rural or semi-rural location. The modern cottage is simple with the right ample space to just relax and enjoy from its glass windows on in this LEGO® set a sliding glass door with more to that.

Where a Cotter Dwells

Throughout the years LEGO® continue to improve on its creativity of unique structures like buildings and houses. They now incorporate elements that are inspired from the real world. The Small Cottage is one of those sets that have those elements that are now inspired from real structures.

Designated set 31009 the Small Cottage contains 271 pieces compose of elements, bricks and the exclusive miinifigure. There have been unique shades of colors in this set that’s vibrant and LEGO® continues to bring them.

A Getaway Place

The Small Cottage is considered a getaway place from the hectic hustle and bustle from the city. It’s more like a vacation house for the minimalist who wants to spend the weekends away from that crowded place or somewhere to spend time to relax.

In building the Small Cottage the elements and colors are separated first from the four bags that came with three manuals and a small green plate. Putting together the Small Cottage is not that difficult for a first-time builder of structures, but it takes more time compared to building vehicles or animals.

Four Square House

It’s prominently blue and red when you see the Small Cottage gets built. It features two doors and very much a small place to stay overnight for one minifigure. The roof has small windows and a chimney, but when you open it there’s no connection for a fire place. It had enough space for a small lamp, table and rotating chair.

Outside the area there’s a small griller for the hot dog and a tong to hold it. There’s also a small table where you can put the mug while admiring the scenery coming from the sliding glass doors. This minifigure is just enjoying the weekend view seeing the little pond in front him.

But when its time to really appreciate the great outdoors there’s a blue skateboard to get this minifigure around the lush green place where the Small Cottage is located. The quality and level of detail certainly put this Small Cottage as one of those Creator sets that you’ll surely want to build and aside from that you can also re-built it into a Windmill or a Skater’s House. But for now its quite a relaxing place to hang out at a Small Cottage for the weekend before heading back to the big city.

“Small Cottage” is the primary build from the set 31009 3-in-1 Creator theme which was originally released in 2013 acquired at Big W for $25.00 AU Dollars.

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