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Sunday, November 29, 2015

LEGO® Creator 31009: Windmill!

11.29.2015 – Usually the secondary builds for the Creator 3 in 1 sets are not that sort of favorites. Rarely gets the attention which depends on how the designers manage to use the elements from the primary build like the Creator Small Cottage (31009).

It’s a hit or misses depending on how a particular set is designed and can be rebuilt into something closely to that particular theme.

For the secondary build that was rebuilt into the Windmill here’s a closer look. There have been numerous variations and version of a Windmill built from LEGO® bricks. Over the years the design team at LEGO® continues to evolve into making these types of creations and Creator sets continue to bring some great ideas those previous sets where not able to make.

A Mini Windmill

Perhaps the secondary build from the Creator Small Cottage (31009), which becomes the Windmill, looks interesting as there are a few handful parts used in the primary build becomes part of this structure.

It’s probably the only build that looks like a two-storey building, but there’s a lack of perspective on how this version of a Windmill seemed to be odd. It might me a scaled down version as it leaves more parts and elements unused to put together as compared to the Small Cottage that takes up 97% percent of the pieces that’s included in this set.

This could be a quick build compared to the other secondary build which is the Skater’s House. Its narrow tall structure may appear stingy in design, but it has quality when on the interiors. Though the minifigure won’t have any space to get a shut eye with limited space and probably a sleep in the grass won’t be a problem.

One Dimensional Build

So far there’s nothing else to say about this Windmill build besides it’s the only one that uses the larger plate. The layout on how it was put together for the ground up what makes this one of the detailed sets even though it’s a secondary build.

As mentioned there’s no space for the minifigure to sleep and there’s no source of light to come and make the interiors bright. But the back can be opened to reveal what’s inside and the roof can be removed too. Though the back of the Windmill is not as bare as you think it has still little details that are worth a second look.

The roof design was on point and a noticeable part that would probably get your attention is the chimney where there’s no continuity in the interiors due to the bricks made the roof obstructs that idea of a fire place inside the Windmill.

Its not every set is great build and this Windmill is the least favorite of the three. Probably there’s hope for this set to be the one to look out for as it’s slowly disappearing in the toy shelves. But the verdict for this Windmill is the weakest among the structures and the Small Cottage is the favorite.

NEXT: Skater’s House

“Windmill” is the secondary build from the set 31009 3-in-1 Creator theme which was originally released in 2013 acquired at Big W for $25.00 AU Dollars.

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