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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Smart City Studio | Adelaide in LEGO®!

01.22.2017 – While walking around Adelaide you’ll be surprised what you’ll see along the way. Exploring the downtown and seeing the culture is one thing, but understanding how efficient it is can be worth educational.

Adelaide Smart City Studio is a company who thrive to bring technology and data to drive economic activity, accelerate innovation and better manage energy, resources and services for South Australians.

To improve the ever changing and evolving city they partnered with the Australian Government, Adelaide City Council, Brand South Australia and Cisco to bring this goal a reality which takes you to their plans for the future through a LEGO® Diorama that’s currently on display at their office in downtown Adelaide.

You’ll find this through the alleyway Pirie Street, and if you’re keen on exploring the city you’ll definitely see this if you’re an AFOL. Though pretty sure this diorama is a collaborative effort done by the local community into LEGO® and in collaboration with University of Adelaide this is something worth exploring if you have the chance to pass by this area, but if not you can check some of the photos taken yesterday below:

This diorama might surprise you, for a wonderful city like Adelaide there’s nothing like communities pulling their weight together from different sectors from hobbyist into LEGO® to the Australian Government that’s definitely a huge step in the right direction that some countries might not have and this is the reason why Australia is a very progressive country.

If you happen to be in town try exploring this great place and if you can’t get enough of this LEGO® diorama you’ll probably see more of this, but for now enjoy this little that Smart City Studios has to offer and don’t forget to follow them on social media.

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