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Friday, February 23, 2018

LEGO® Star Wars 75166 | Transport Speeder

02.23.2018 – There have been several Star Wars Battle Packs that have been released towards the end of 2016 and early 2017 that contains four minifigures and a vehicle. But this is not the first time LEGO has produced sets based on this theme.

The concept has been incorporated to this license brand since the first mini drop ship was produced sometime in 2007 and LEGO continue to develop this type of theme that is affordable for every Star Wars fan out there. But this First Order Transport Speeder Battle Pack could be one of the best set so far.

The ever expanding Star Wars licence theme continues to churn in new sets every year. With “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” already a box office hit earning billions of dollars the merchandise continue to rule the toy shelves all over the world. But if you’re a casual Star Wars fan it would be way out of the budget to get everything that has been produced recently.

The Star Wars Universe alone is massive place one might get lost in the galaxy from far away. But for someone who just want a little of everything LEGO can probably provide these choices for the casual fan, and it helps that some small sets are produced for those who are familiar with the minor characters that populate George Lucas’ ever growing vast universe.

Transport Speeder

The First Order Transport Speeder Battle Pack with set number 75166 doesn’t seem to be part of any existing Star Wars fiction, but the minifigures that accompany this set does exist in The Force Awaken and The Last Jedi its just that LEGO have made them accessible through this smaller set instead of getting the bigger ones based in the above mentioned films.

This set contains four minifigures that includes a First Order Flame Trooper, a ranking officer, and two Stormtrooper. The set itself is has 117 pieces with four functional stud shooters and an easy to read instruction manual to put together the simplest platform type Transport Speeder.

Battle Pack Troopers

For those who collect the Stormtroopers and its officers this helps expands your ever growing First Order. The box packaging though is based from Star Wars Rogue One. But the theme is based from the current Star Wars films. What’s interesting in this set are the Flame Trooper and its First Order Storm Trooper.

The First Order Stormtrooper not only carry the standard blaster you see in the films, which is now made of stud shooters, but also the riot shield and electric baton that brings back memories of Finn a former First Order Stormtrooper taking on one of his former colleagues FN-2199!

First Order Crew

Overall the Transport Speeder is mediocre being a flat vehicle or a platform that lets the First Order Officer to direct his subordinates to the targets assigned to them. This is the least favorite minifigure in the bunch as being an officer armed with a small stud shooter, while the Flame Trooper stands out with its designated function.

The First Order Stormtrooper is the take away in this set for someone who got FN-2199’s attention taking out the former Finn in The Force Awakens. This minifigure can also be acquired from a larger set based on that scene from the film. But overall this was less expensive way to acquire this minifigure which is becoming rare now since it was released during the time Rogue One was in cinemas.

“First Order Transport Speeder Battle Pack” is from the set 75166 Star Wars theme which was originally released in 2017 acquired at Big W in Armada Arndale for $19.00 AU Dollars.

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