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Friday, March 30, 2018

LEGO® Creator 31066 | Moon Station

03.30.2018 – This Creator 3-in-1 themes is unique on its own separate from the expert editions. Over the years the series continues to evolve that include interesting pieces with innovative ideas making it one of the best products for the LEGO brand.

The Space Shuttle Explorer from 2017 has been one of those underrated sets that rarely given attention that it’s starting to be sold out in parts of South Australia. This interesting set is the alternate build which is part of the narrative in building the Moon Station.

In reality man has not yet set foot in the red planet of Mars, but there have been prototypes and designs that have been made into making what would a base camp should look like if humanity sets foot to another planet. Humans have already made it to the lunar surface of the moon, but have never set up a “Moon Station.”

For now they’re currently purely science fiction that enables young minds to be inspired about the future of space travel at the same time giving them an idea that it can be possible to return back to the moon and the chance to travel planet Mars.

The Martian Connection

The second build for the set 31066 Space Shuttle Explorer is the “Moon Station”, which also sort of a narrative loosely taken inspiration to Matt Damon’s “The Martian” film from 2015. In the story where he was left behind when a storm ravaged planet Mars he survived and end up in the “Moon Station” where he tries to ‘science’ his way out of the situation where he was left alone on the red planet.

Most parts from the Space Shuttle Explorer is used to build the “Moon Station,” which could have been named a “Mars Station” but its too obvious for the LEGO Group to give everyone an idea that they sort of took inspiration in putting this set based from that movie.

One Man Living Quarters

The “Moon Station” may appear a bit of quaint but it appears the little spaceman has enough space to live for a few days if he decides to grow potatoes, while trying to send a message to Earth that he survived the shuttle crash due that it there was no landing gear that left him stuck on the red planet.

What makes this station design look impressive with the hallway, and small kitchen, where the grown organic potatoes can be seen is that the cramped space works. The real lunar outpost design takes inspiration on this build reusing the payload covers of the space shuttle to put this together is ingenious that also have a functional repair arm that the stranded astronaut can use to maintain repairs on the “Moon Station.”

Home Away from Home

This Lunar Outpost may appear to need a bathroom, but overall the build is quicker to reuse most of the necessary components from the Space Shuttle Explorer. The design and aesthetics is the best part of this creation as simple and at the same time functional that it holds on its own.

The only thing that’s noticeable that falls off is the cover panel near the robotic arm they could have design to open instead of just being a static wall cover. But it can be modified if you want to with the necessary pieces you already. Everything else is great with this build that makes the “Moon Station” a liveable place for this Martian.

NEXT: Space Rover!

“Moon Station” is the secondary build from the set 31066 3-in-1 Creator theme featuring the Space Shuttle Explorer, which was originally released in 2017 acquired at Kmart for $29.00 AU Dollars.

Special acknowledgement to Ms. Bee Bricks for this gift you can check out her series of LEGO Photography by following her at @MsBee_Bricks on Instagram!

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