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Monday, April 9, 2018

LEGO® Classic 10402 | Fun Future

04.09.2018 – LEGO® is celebrating 60 years with the Classic theme promoting the “Building Bigger Thinking” campaign for 2018, which is an anniversary set with other four that have the same style of packaging.

The “Fun Future” kit with set number 10402 is a starter pack for the young minds that just caught the attention of LEGO® that certainly open its doors for creativity. This set looks promising for the new builder in you. It features what to build in this set at the same time can gain new perspective for every LEGO® fan.

Every box of the LEGO® Classic anniversary set features questions that let your mind wonder trying to solve it with your own creation of the one included in this set. Unlike back in the day LEGO® bricks included in a set is either its primary color is blue, red or yellow. Sixty years after you get sets those are loud and colorful.

Levels of Build

Every set that’s under the Building Bigger Thinking theme have levels of build that is included in this kit. There are three levels from the one brick started build to the three level not-so complicated build that’s certainly a “Fun Future” to put together.

For set 10402 its shows the featured builds are aimed at the ones who would explore science and at the same time creativity in putting together something that might turn into a dream in real life like probably having a racing cart.

Futuristic Fun

From robots, racing cart and a singing Parrot you got colorful bricks that make this set is 286 in total that include one minifigure with exclusive accessories lie a helmet, wrench green apple and a buildable microphone. There are extra pieces once you build all three primary build in kit.

The minifigure also has a hairpiece and some extra pieces that can be built for something out of your imagination. Certainly new adventures awaits for the cart race and his trusty robot while being serenaded by the singing parrot.

Overall the “Fun Future” set is one of the best kits that also celebrate sixty years of the LEGO® brick that have an exclusive special tile that marks the anniversary. It's now available in retail and this was acquired at Big W for $15.00 AUD.

Special acknowledgements to Marion Libraries in South Australia, where the review was conducted and all three kits were built.

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