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Friday, April 13, 2018

LEGO® Creator 31079 | Sunshine Surfer Van

04.13.2018 – For the first half of 2018 LEGO has unveiled their Creator sets that look promising with most of them now having included minifigures. Though you’ll see fewer vehicles and more about structures and building there’s still balance there.

But one set would probably the most attractive them all in four wheels and that is the Sunshine Surfer Van with set number 31079 that has been revealed some time in the last quarter of 2017. It’s the set that tells you its time to hit the beach and get ready for summer in most countries that definitely today’s spotlight!

It’s time for Summer Adventures and what a good way to pack up your gear to head out to some getaway. This set certainly had everything you need on a road trip that the season of heat is in full swing. This set has been revealed last year as one of the eye catching kits for the Creator theme and it’s definitely a scorcher.

In the real world this could be the 1990s Volkswagen Transporter Camper van that has a TV, foldable bed and a tiny kitchenette what modern hipsters would have on their next adventure which is one delightful set that LEGO just had to offer for 2018!

Buildable Beach Ride

Creator pushes the boundaries in design and build for this set. When you open the box that contains 379 parts including two minifigures it’s off the races when you start with the primary set build for the van. It also contains two instructions to rebuild the Lifeguard Tower with Quad Bike and Beach Buggy (more of this later).

The intricacies in starting the build contain more small parts that non-builders would have a long time putting this together. For the casual ones who just like this LEGO theme it would take an hour and half to have this done with the step-by-step manual its not that hard if you have patience in putting this together and the process is quite a ‘stressful fun’ thinking if LEGO might have missed a piece or there.

Adventurous Van

The Sunshine Surfer Van has everything you need on your Summer Adventures once you’re done putting it together. It’s a solid build that does not disappoint packed with playability just like the lounger chairs and surfboard that wants you to hit the beach. Based on yellow, white, and blue accent you won’t miss this set in toy section isles.

LEGO’s Creator Team of designers certainly had made this the affordable camper van that’s packed with fun with two minifigures namely the Surfer Dude and his female companion that has two sets of facial expression.

Unfortunately the griller doesn’t include anything in there (Chicken leg borrowed from Classics 10402 for sample shot), but tons of details in the accessories certainly a set worth picking it up as summer rolls in some countries. Though it’s already autumn in Australia you probably would need this set for your minifigures to getaway in December unless there’s another Creator set that would catch your attention.

Surfer Quest Ahead

Overall the Sunshine Surfer Van was a fun and challenging build with a lot of details that has quite a process that teaches you to think how the designers manage to put together this thing at the same time have them think about rebuilding it into two other sets like the previous sets that came before.

It’s something that most collectors take advantage that never thought how LEGO Creator design team had come up with such great set on how putting this together possible not to mention minifigure scale-wise. This set is a must have for those who only get one Creator set a year and this might it.

NEXT: Lifeguard Tower!

“Sunshine Surfer Van” is the primary build from the set 31079 3-in-1 Creator theme, which was released in early 2018 acquired at Big W in Cumberland Park for $23.20 AU Dollars (originally retails at $39.00 AUD in Big W and Target, while sold at Kmart for $29.00 AUD) during the Special Easter Weekend Holiday Sale that ran from March 28 to April 4, 2018.

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