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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mega Bloks The Smurfs: 10703 Lazy Smurf!

05.04.2011 – The Smurfs is coming to Mega Bloks and it looks like Mega Brands is expanding their licensing rights with Peyo’s creation, that’s about to get a live action film treatment this year.

The new sets which were first sighted earlier this year in Korea is slowly appearing in other countries, which include the Philippines but currently there’s no sighting. But here is one set featuring Lazy Smurf to entertain you this summer!

The new line of Smurfs for Mega Bloks is an interesting property based from the comic strip by Peyo they have been popular since the 1980s. This will give Mega Bloks another property to expand much like their Halo-related sets and blind pack figures. For the Smurfs it is definitely no-brainer to have these blue little people build their own Smurf Town which features some interesting characters.

This set 10703 features Lazy Smurf one of the well-known characters and easily identified with the set. This is due to that he’s practically ‘lazy’, and you can definitely see this set in the shelf. Having an eye catching color, which all Smurfs box would definitely identified.

The Lazy Hammock

Build Lazy Smurf’s hammock and it’s definitely the simplest set based on the images behind the box. The set only have 18 pieces including the micro action figure and base plate to set up his simple hammock.

Its interesting that in all the sets revealed at the back of the box Lazy certainly have everything chilled down not having any accessory compared to the other Smurfs related to their individual sets this one is relaxed.

Smurfingly Blue

Like all Smurfs Lazy is blue wearing white hat and pants with his facial expression showing who he is. What’s great about Mega Bloks micro action figure design is that the character is well defined not entirely a block form.

This Smurf is just chilling for the summer hence the hammock where he sleeps is made of all-new pieces from Mega Bloks. The details are simply based from the realm of the Smurfs which works well the way Mega Bloks has designed it.

Hip to be Smurfed

Overall set 10703 featuring Lazy Smurf is the simplest of them all. It’s entirely a base plate full of interesting pieces, which can connect with other sets with base plates. This one would probably be left in the shelf due to non-complex pieces. But entirely it’s the simplest of all the Smurf sets out there.

The Smurfs 10703 Lazy Smurf was acquired in late in March 2011 at the E-Mart store in Tongyeong province of Busan City South Korea produced by Mega Bloks under the Mega Brands.

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