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Monday, September 7, 2015

Mega Bloks Minions: Kevin!

09.07.2015 – The Minions are now iconic superstars on their right. Having appeared in “Despicable ME” animated films, featured in selected Universal theme parks, and appeared in countless shorts included in the home release they certainly ruled.

The yellow banana-obsessed men also broke the records in “The Minions” their spin off movie. Now they are in block form courtesy of Mega Bloks, which is still a rarity in the Philippines, where blind bags have not arrived and one of those minifigs would be Kevin!

Kevin one of the Minions who had minor screen time in the Despicable ME animated films is up front and center in “The Minions” along with Bob and Stuart.

The eldest and leader of the three Minions who ventured to find their would-be master when they travelled all the way to New York in 1962, which was quite a long story already.

Eventually everyone already knows they would end up in Orlando to attend the annual ‘Villain Con’ where they first met Scarlett Overkill as they say the rest is Minion history from there if you’ve seen the animated film.

Kevin Goes to Orlando

Mega Bloks has released a series of sets based from the characters from Despicable Me and Minions in mid-2014 when they secured the rights to Universal Pictures. They also produced blind bags which started with Despicable ME with two series, while a third one was dedicated to “The Minions” animated spin off.

Kevin is part of that wave which features him as one of the main characters along with Bob and Stuart. This version of Kevin is from that said film and if you’ve seen the teaser trailer he carries a brown cardboard scribbled the word ‘Orlando”, where the annual ‘Villain Con” was held.

This version of Kevin is also sought after because they said it is one of the uncommon minifig in series 3. He also comes with a yellow stud where the other Mega Bloks properties have in their blind bags.

Minion in Many Pieces

Like all the blind bags that came out from Mega Bloks the Minions are in separate pieces once you open a pack. The detailed minifigs make these Minions sought after even the common ones including in the series is the most wanted.

Even though these minifigs don’t have much accessories included they are already the best ones fro Mega Bloks right now. Unfortunately in some countries like the Philippines only a few sets have arrived and the blind bags have yet to make it to the country as most collectors are hoping to see.

Overall details of Minion Kevin certainly something Mega Bloks is pushing for more quality in design. They’ve been building interest with their Call of Duty and Halo Series and. the Minions are a welcome addition to the line up that everyone will go crazy collecting them all.

Kevin” is part of the wave 3 characters included in the blind bag for Minions produced under the Mega Bloks line and Mega Brands Inc. This was acquired in the US on retail that’s been popular due to the animated film.

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