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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

HW Race Team 126 of 250: Let's Go!

09.09.2015 – Lately if you haven’t seen Hot Wheels cars built for Minifigures then you must have been missing something. Hot Wheels have already produced three diecast cars dedicated for most construction toy brands like LEGO® and KRE-O.

But not entirely made for Mattel’s recently acquired Mega Brands that produce Mega Bloks sets and micro figures (same scale with LEGO® minifigs). “Let’s Go” is one of the diecast cars produced by Hot Wheels and it’s already on its 4th variant in white!

Let’s Go was first introduced in the 2014 Hot Wheels line under the HW Race. The 2014 release produced a red and green variant while for the 2015 with new color schemes produced blue and the latest is white.

The blue variant that was first released early in 2015 was never seen in Philippine retail, which is why it’s considered rare. Just like the white Fig Rig (only seen in selected countries including Australia) that was released last year where the blue version was available only in the Philippines.

White Racer

The white “Let’s Go” kart would be considered the car made for LEGO® or KRE-O minifigures as most Mega Bloks figures are not compatible with this car. The only Mega Bloks minifig that’s compatible is with the Pedal Driver, which also released it second variation introduced this year.

This version of the “Let’s Go” kart doesn’t have a designated number just like the earlier blue edition released this year. It’s more of a generic race kart than a designated car of a named racer car driver.

Slick White Ride

The details on the “Let’s Go” kart for this white edition is clean and the engine is not metalized unlike the green version released in 2014. The flat silver color does the simplicity of the engine. The blue handle bars which is also considered as the car’s steering wheel could have been in orange to match with the chassis, but since the blue version had that color this is just fine.

This “Let’s Go” kart’s only issue with the handle bar/steering wheel its easily gets scratched from a LEGO® minifig unlike the earlier release that probably used a different kind of plastic material. But overall the rest are the same with the previous release. The difference you’ll notice with the blue and white 2015 release is the different rims they used compared to the 2014 editions.

Not For All Minifigs are Equal

As mentioned not all minifigs from contruction toy brands can ride the “Let’s Go” kart. The ones compatible with this are from LEGO® and KRE-O, while the Mega Bloks minifigs are the ones depicted in the card art they don’t fit due to its long legs where most of them doesn’t have a joint.

Let's Go” kart is part of the 2015 Hot Wheels diecast car line from Mattel designated 126 out of 25o being included in the subline for "HW Race" Track Stars and HW Race Team retailed at PhP 99.75 pesos locally distributed by Richwell Club.

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