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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

LEGO® Shell 40193: 512 S!

11.25.2015 – LEGO® and Shell have been collaborating for a long time since its inclusion of a tanker truck in the mid-1970s. In 2012 and 2014 Shell released an exclusive promo that LEGO® produced sets based on some famous Ferrari cars.

This not including the Ferrari teams from Formula 1 racing that featured minifigures, but also the technicians who created the cars that you see on the road or in the circuit. Back in the 1970s Ferrari produced a rare car for a competition and that is the 512 S.

There have been a lot of racing competitions all over the world most of them are poplar like NASCAR, Formula 1 Racing, and Rally Racing to name a few. There also the prestigious ones that are not widely known in the mainstream and one of them is the Le Mans 24 Hours racing, which is one of the oldest racing competitions.

For each type of racing there’s a specific car being used and most of them are not built like the road cars you see in the streets. It’s either specifically modified or built for that particular racing competition. Car manufacturers mostly the prestigious ones participate in the high-end racing competitions. Ferrari is one of those manufacturers who push the envelope in developing the best car out there.

Ferrari doesn’t shy away in competing and also developing the best car out there. Some of them may be nostalgic to you and there are others that are simply forgotten.

Not Unforgettable

The Ferrari 512 is the name of several race and road cars built by Ferrari. So this car looks rather unfamiliar to some who just recently taking interest on a Ferrari. But this 512 S is based on a real car that competed in the 1000km Nürburgring a six hour racing back in 1970 when Nino Vaccarella has driven a variant version of the Ferrari 512S Spyder (chassis #1042), finishing third with Surtees.

LEGO® and ®Shell produced Ferrari-related sets in 2014 that included the 512 S entirely in yellow with a handful of red parts that can only be seen during the building of this car. The appearance doesn’t entirely resemble the one Nino Vaccarella has driven, but close enough due to its close features from that actual car.

Screaming Yellow

Of all the cars and sets included in the promo that Shell, which LEGO® produced this is the car that entirely one color rarely seen in a Ferrari as most of the cars produced had red in them. But for this 512 S it differentiates itself from the pack of cars that was released for the Shell promo along with the 250 GTO.

The 512 S is not a road car and possibly a variant of this car was used in the previous Le Mans 24 Hours racing. There’s a modified version of the 512 S that would consider close to this version that LEGO® produced, but it is known as the 512M which competed also in 1971 at Nürburgring.

But entirely this is one of those not-so favorite sets that was come out in 2014 as part of Shell’s promo due to its unpopular look and appearance. The only thing that catches your eye is the primary yellow colors that make it one of a kind.

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