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Friday, November 27, 2015

HW Race 143 of 250: Fig Rig! [2014 Edition]

11.27.2015 – There has been variations of the Fig Rig truck that can be used by any minifigure from leading building toy brands. It’s the first car to be introduced in 2013 for Hot Wheels’ line of diecast cars that also allow your minifigures to do stunts with.

The 2013 premier release was available in Philippine retail and they did a follow-up with a new pair for 2014. There was only one color variant that was available in the country while the other one can be found in some parts of Australia-Asia.

It’s rare that a common Hot Wheels car won’t be available in some parts of the world. The white Fig Rig is one of them where it was only available in Australia. It became available in the Philippines but not on a single card, but in the rare ten pack that started appearing in Toys R’ us stores in Manila.

The Fig Rig have been featured before in 2013 and a month ago and the same use for Building Toy minifigures are the same and it followed by the Let’s Go kart and Pedal Driver having their own color variation.

What’s appealing to the Fig Rig is that any minifigure can ride or hang on to the bars designed specifically for the use of this truck. There are studs for the minifigures to stand that can be found on top of its engine and at the bed of the pick-up truck. For the 2014 edition it’s more into the ‘Hot Wheels’ color theme of blue and white. The minor change on the rim wheels can be seen compared to the 2013 release.

But for the 2014 both blue and white versions can stand out individually. The white edition being the uncommon of the two can only be available in other countries not in the Philippines, while the blue version is rarely seen in Australia.

If you have limited choice the white version is the one to get since its rarity and availability is limited compared to the blue version. But the blue version has more appeal compared to the toned down white truck with red lines on its rims. Overall both have its individual imperfection when it comes to the colors and difference, but it’s the most minifigure-friendly version compared to the Let’s Go and Pedal Driver.

Fig Rig” cars are part of the 2014 Hot Wheels diecast car line from Mattel designated 143 out of 250 being included in the subline for "HW Race Team" retailed at PhP 99.75 pesos locally distributed by Richwell Club.

The white variant was acquired in Australia sold at Target for $2.25 AU dollars and was also included in the 10-Pack set.

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