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Monday, August 18, 2014

HW Race 165 of 250: Let's Go!

08.18.2014 – For those who haven’t been reading up the news lately, that Mattel the parent company which owns Barbie and Hot Wheels as wells as iconic licensing rights for Masters of the Universe has acquired the Mega Brands.

The Canadian based company is the parent company, which manufactures the Mega Bloks construction toys. Mattel’s Hot Wheels just recently released the “Let’s Go” kart, which is actually made for their Hot Wheels micro figure.

But this is not the first time Hot Wheels released a diecast car that can interact with selected minifigures from other Construction Brand Toys. In late 2012 they released the Fig Rig which was part of the HW Stunt sub-line.

This year they came up with another one, which is the “Let’s Go” kart for the 2014 line of Hot Wheels. It’s also noting that this was obviously made for the Mega Bloks Hot Wheels Racing Team micro figures. It was to scale with any minifigure that can fit in with the “Let’s Go” kart that includes LEGO® minifigures.

Its also worth noting that Hot Wheels will release multiple colors of the same “Let’s Go” kart just like the Fig Rig, which have three color variations set to release a fourth one for the 2014 line of diecast cars.

Card Art Kart

For the 2014 line the card art for this year’s Hot Wheels shows that “Let’s Go” was obviously made for a specific micro figure, which is the racers for Team Hot Wheels available for the Mega Bloks blind packs.

The racers are slightly different from the other Mega Bloks micro figures from the Call of Duty, Halo Wars or even from the sets that had Warcraft. They don’t have knee joints that they can fit in snugly to the driver seat.

The other obvious concept can be found at the back of the card on top of it had a very small image (the US release had an alternate card with more details) that some might miss it. But it clearly shows that just like the Fig Rig this is also a stunt vehicle.

Let’s Go Look Closely

The Let’s Go kart’s debut color had the body in red while the metal chassis in bright blue. If you look closely the red is vibrant but the details could have been better if not for the unnecessary paint smudges that came with this vehicle.

It has a rear engine in dark plastic grey that has a single stud, while the front and rear spoiler has specific handle bars where the micro figure or any other branded minifigure can perform specific stunts.

The tires are opaque black with white linings on its rims that shows some minor details. There are also some sponsors to support the “Let’s Got” kart, but as mentioned above this one had paint smudges to ever pass quality. But surely the other ones might have a cleaner look you just have to look closely pick the best one.

Less Interlock More Interactivity

Unlike the Fig Rig that have more built-in studs to connect any minifigure to ride the “Let’s Go” kart only have very few. It only allows selected micro figures or other branded minifigures, which is alright but mostly the ones can ride have shorter legs.

But any LEGO® minifigure can drive or shall we say ride it as the “Let’s Go” kart has no steering wheel only a white handle bar that appears like one. A LEGO® minifigure doesn’t appear like he’s driving it rather it appears like relaxing on its driver seat.

The studs on the seat don’t exactly connect with the LEGO® minifigure, but the handle bar helps to make it look like its ready to drive it. Interesting enough that it pass up as a kart made out of plastic brick pieces, but its entirely a solid piece of plastic that has a diecast chassis.

Overall Verdict

The “Let’s Go” kart is an interesting crossover with Hot Wheels with other branded Construction Toy figures, but it’s officially made for the Team Hot Wheels micro figures produced by Mega Bloks. Its something for the minifigure collectors who are not into the building sets that’s a solid piece.

Let’s Go is part of the Racing sub-line of Hot Wheels cars for the 2014 series, which is retailed at PhP 99.75 pesos with another color variation set to be released sometime within the next few months.

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