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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

LEGO® City 30313: Garbage Truck!

10.28.2015 – If you’re putting together your own CITY theme sets might as well be well equipped to do the daily sanitary cleanliness. Of course you’ve got rescue teams (Fire Department) and security teams (Police).

But what about the ones who make your CITY clean? That’s where the sanitary workers come in to make sure everything is in right order. Then you have the Garbage Truck from the CITY theme series that was released this year…

There has been various iteration of a Garbage Truck back in the day when it was only known as the “Town System” that has grown into a CITY. You might have owned all shapes and sizes from the small ones to the big trucks that haul a ton of garbage.

LEGO® continues to evolve and improve most of the sets that where introduced during the last decade and sometimes you need to downsize or even micro-manage what needs for a CITY theme. The last Garbage Truck was from the LEGO® Movie can pass up as your modern take on a sanitary cleaner for your CITY and introducing a smaller one for those who just want to keep it simple.

Mini-Rubbish Truck

Then there is the LEGO® CITY 30313 Garbage Truck that is sort of a modern take of a mini-version that collects trash. This was introduced in early January of this year as impulses pack with 48 pieces that includes your sanitary hardworking Minifigure.

The elements included in this set have new color version like the garbage cans come now in green where mostly included in garbage collecting vehicles in grey. There have different shades of green included in this set that’s quite refreshing to the eye when you look at the set upon opening the pack.

There’s not much information about this set but it does represent a modern take of a garbage truck in a small scale. Perhaps it’s a sanitary worker assigned to clean up a section of New York City’s Central Park.

One-Minifigure Cleaning Crew

The best part about this set is the elements that came with it. The garbage cans attached at the back of the mini-truck through the claw elements and they’re in green color that’s refreshing to the eye. The other elements that’s included in the truck are the shovel and sweeper tools.

If you owned previous sets that are based on cleaning the streets of a LEGO® CITY it might not compliment the current color this Garbage Truck have. The old releases primary colors have focused on yellow, while the current one has the shade of green, white and some brown parts that seemed off if you put it side-by-side comparison.

Overall set 30313 is an interesting build that certainly give you a refreshing look on a modern version of a mini Garbage Truck. For $3.49 US Dollars that’s something of a good pick-up set that includes 48 pieces of colourful pieces that’s good for the eye of a casual builder.

“Garbage Truck” set 30313 City theme can be acquired at selected check-out counter at Target store in the US for $3.49 US Dollars.

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